Rebranding Stay-at-Home-Motherhood

This movement is about knocking all that I Love Lucy-era dogma, all those rules and restrictions on motherhood, on its antiquated ear.

Forget your mother’s model of what it means to be a mother. That woman labored under all kinds of nasty cultural constraints. She had to fit in to strict societal norms of motherhood, or face excommunication, straight outta town by the torch and pitchfork mob. None of us is June Cleaver, Carol Brady, or Clair Huxtable. I’m sure not. I especially reject the all-or-nothing mentality that insists stay-at-home-mothers have to hang up their working shoes forever. What?! Girls, you CAN have it all: Companion/Co-Parent, Kids, Career.

Now, is it gonna look like those perfect pictures we post on Pinterest, all cupcakes and cornucopia, dimples, and dandily dressed little angels? Hell no. Let’s embrace the imperfect, the flawed, the warts-and-all. Let’s allow space for the misfits and mismatched outfits that sing of no style. Let’s allow ourselves and each other the occasional hot mess we might be. Let’s acknowledge all the F-bombs dropped in pursuit of curating that image of Oh-This-Old-Thing and My-Kids-Shit-Cotton-Candy we publish on social media.

Ladies, let’s get real. Let’s start by supporting each other and the whole range of ways we find to make motherhood work for us. For our unique families and situations. Let’s stop judging and one-upping—and lend each other a hand. Let’s stop trying to fit in and realize the joy and freedom of fitting out. We all don’t have to ball at the bonding whenever we breast feed. We don’t all have to orgasm at the sight of the Target logo. Maybe we stop asking the non-working moms among us what they do all day. Maybe we stop assuming those of us with the means to have help with our kids necessarily have it so damn easy.

You know what? We all – no matter our methods and madness – we fucking rock.



Let's stop trying to fit in. We're all outfitters—we fit out. We get to make our own rules.



Momming comes first and foremost. It's a full-time job. Lots of joy—and a few foibles once in awhile.



Moms don't have to hang up their work shoes as soon as they have kids—and forever. Nope.